Five good reasons to take an MBA

Five good reasons to take an MBA

Whether you work in leadership, or are on your way to a position at management level and wish to advance your career, here are five good reasons an Executive MBA is a good choice for you.

#1 – Documented benefits for you
90% of those who take an Executive MBA with Coventry University and IBA land a better job, and/or an increase in salary. (Analysis carried out by IBA, autumn 2015)

#2 – International, accredited programme
You receive an accredited education, delivered in collaboration with an internationally recognized university, Coventry University in England. This means that you also get your Masters diploma from Coventry.

#3 – An ace up your sleeve
An MBA isn’t just an MBA – and employers are well aware of this. With an Executive MBA from Coventry University and IBA, you get an education at a high professional level, with state-recognized examinations, awarding a total of 90 ECTS points. It’s a strong card to hold in your hand.

#4 – Flexible studies
While studying on this programme, you’ll have time for your job and your family. Teaching takes place on two days a month – a weekday, and one day at the weekend. The rest of the commitments you plan out yourself, according to what suits you best.

#5 – You increase your value
With your new, strong skillset, you become an important player in your company… while also increasing your market value. In other words, you maintain your attractiveness on the job market.